Steps to Photographing Insects

 Once the snow flies, the University of Minnesota Choronomidae Research Team would like you to join them in a citizen science project that could expand the scope of their research. Participants simply identify and submit photographs of midges on the snow, often near stream banks. Your help can grow our understanding of how the unique Minnesota climate reveals valuable insights about interactions between weather, water, insects, and food webs for researchers across the globe. See directions and form below for more details.


Walk along stream banks to find insects; the insects tend to be on the surface of the snow where the banks meet with the water


Take one photo of the water and its surrounding banks to showcase the landscape  


Take one closeup and detailed photo of the insect (see example below)


Record the location (county, state, stream name), date, and notes on weather/temp, time, stream conditions (ex. presence of ice) with your photographs


Take one photo further away from insect (to show both the insect and its location)


Send pictures and recorded information using the survey form (linked below). 

Example of photographs

Midge Penny.jpg
Midge water banks .jpg


If you have any questions regarding the project please feel free to reach out!​

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